Smile Cities

Strategies for Smart Cities that actually make us happier

About Andreas

2018-05-20 Andreas

I am fascinated by technology. I was always intrigued by the possibilities of how technology can make our lives better. I have played with Lego Technic when I was a child, I have studied Computer Science, I have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, I have worked in different roles in Software Development and in recent years I have focussed my work on different aspects of Smart Cities.

However, I have come to question some of the goals, applications and outcomes that people and businesses focus on when working with technology. Technology makes our environment safer, technology makes processes more efficient, technology saves costs and increases productivity, technology increases profits, technology makes our lifes more convinient and some of these aspects certainly improve the quality of our lives. However, I asked myself, does technology really make us happier? I think it can, but we have to make happiness our primary goal when developing and applying technology, otherwise we keep getting hit by negative side-effects and we keep going down rabbit holes that don’t actually contribute to our well-being.

Smart Cities are probably the domain that is most relevant to improve quality of life with technology. It is mostly our immediate environment (nature, social contacts, etc.) that makes us happy or unhappy. Maybe it is not exactly a Smart City, but rather a Smart Neighbourhood, a Smart Community or a Smart Town, but the idea is the same: How can we use technology to set up an environment that makes us happier? This is the question that is most intriguing to me.

My intention with this website is to share ideas that can help residents, local businesses, local governments and their consultants to develop Smart Cities that make us happy. My focus will be on strategies, system architectures and teams that are required for successful Smart City projects.

I am so happy to have you on board to make my dream come true and to create more happiness with technology.